diarrhoese diarien

lecture performance (Raw Matters, Schikaneder, Vienna)
powerpoint presentation, ca. 15 min.

1.4.raw matters




The artists Lena Violetta Leitner and Steffi Neuhuber have been living abroad on different countries for the past year. They stayed in touch through the internet (facebook,skype) and documented precisley their lives through videodiaries as well as their discussion in the web. Meeting back in Austria, the two performers still record their lives.
In the performance they show through their own verbal diarrhea our today‘s society that is constantly in the need of narcissistic selfrepresentation („youtube generation“).
In the form of a classical (powerpoint) lecture they also reflect how we think about other countries and the genre of „travel presentations“, exotic illusions we have about going abroad, the artists included.
By using only real facts and statistics- and their real documents recorded conversations they talk about our today‘s miscommunication.

Artikel im Standard
excerpt of the performance: http://vimeo.com/81477343