DE/MEMBERING v.1 (E/NT/RINNERUNG) Cooperation between Waldek Leitner and OutSight from OutSight on Vimeo.

For Myanmar Multimedia Festival 2012 the artist group Waldek Leitner and the collective OutSight made a cooperation resulting in a videowork. E/NT/RINNERUNG (DE/MEMBERING) is the first part of an archive of lost traces, reminiscences and stories. Starting with the war stories of the artists’ grandfathers, Waldek Leitner and OutSight deal with topics of repression and impressions from a disappearing generation.The artists felt the need to conserve their family stories, but at the same time they build a bridge to today’s society through their own experiences now. The video work is part of a multimedia installation, that consist normally of a big cupboard, in which you can look through holes and sound.

For the sound, the artists transformed an old German folksong:

adam hatte sieben söhne – sieben söhne hatte adam sie tranken nicht, sie aßen nicht, sie machten alle so wie ich mit den fingerchen tip tip tip, mit den köpfchen nick nick nick mit den füsschen trab trab trab, mit den händchen klap klap klap
translation: Adam had 7 sons – 7 sons had Adam they did not drink, they did not eat, they did everything like me with the fingers tip tip tip, with the head nod nod nod with the feet trab trab trab, with the hands clap clap clap