Cooperation with Ana Lazarevska
Performance, tv (tv spots, documentation of street intervention),
sound, text, video projection
Part of the Collaboration Project „Obsession“

For the first part of this performance, OutSight created various tv and internet spots for themselves. Many slogans sell the art group „O.K.O“ in absurde combinations (Obtain Karmic Output, Obsessive Kindergarden Order,…).
They intervene in the city and project their ad on the streets, a shopping mall and statues.

oko streetsPhoto: Steffi Neuhuber
oko14.3.Photo: Zoran Sekerov

For the second part of „O.K.O“, the artists perform in the gallery. The advertisments are shown on a tv and projected on the artists. Ana Lazarevska writes the slogans on a wall. Meanwhile, Steffi Neuhuber and Lena Violetta Leitner play with the text and sound they recorded in Skopje.
Here is an extract of their soundperformance.

Documentation of the street intervention:   http://vimeo.com/90395618
Documentation of the second part:   http://vimeo.com/96942842

Performance at das weisse haus, Vienna: http://www.dasweissehaus.at/2014/performance-am-22-06-2014-16h/