Can’t connect at all

Friday Exit Proudly Connects:
Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory | OutSight (O.K.O)

“Can’t connect at all” – Friday, 6.3., 7pm
The use of smart devices with internet connection is more than welcome in the show!

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A collaborative project by:

Anna T.
Patrícia J. Reis
Maria Hera
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara
Christine Schörkhuber
Veronika Mayer

Lena Violetta Leitner
Stefanie Neuhuber


For the past three weeks Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory and Kollektiv OutSight have been sharing the gallery space of Friday Exit, trying to connect, exchange ideas, and produce a collaborative show. Coming from different modes of artistic practice, but sharing a common political stance, the two collectives -identifying themselves as feminist- work in the intersections of arts, technology, sciences, and the social.

The concept of the exhibition is the result of a collaborative and creative dialogue across different topics in which the dichotomies of private/ public, exhibitionism/ voyeurism, passive/ active, telematic/ physical were decisive in the process of questioning the active social act of connecting.

By mapping the space as a network of thoughts, the artists expose their work-in-progress, and therefore their efforts and difficulties within the process of trying to establish links with each other, the space, and the public.

The concepts of connection, network, collaboration, presentability, reenactment, collective (un)consciousness, virtuality, tactility, and collage are bound together and offered to explore through a voyeuristic interface. By using a smart device the audience is invited to connect with the physical and immaterial space and with each other.

The two collectives see this as a moment of producing new collaborations between those who will carry such a device and those who won’t, a game of interaction among the audience. Sharing a small screen for a few seconds, trying to make connections between audio and visual pieces can become a fruitful experience especially when shared with a stranger. Moments of such brief interactions and connections, bringing people together to experience something that is barely present itself.


Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory | OutSight (O.K.O): 14.2. – 5.3.
Finissage Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory | OutSight (O.K.O): Friday, 6.3., 7pm