Lena Violetta Leitner

* 1986 in Graz, Austria
Bachelor in Japanese Studies and Theatre-, Film-, Mediastudies at the University of Vienna and Paris VII.
Since 2009 student in Digital Art (media art) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Residencies in Paris, Zagreb, Lucerne and Belgrade.
Works with video, projections, language and sound, performance. Body as a projection space, works deal with traces and memories.
Videoprojections for theatres, exhibitions and performances in Vienna, Graz, Lucerne, Zagreb, Skopje and Myanmar.
Cooperation with Petra Waldek as Waldek Leitner.

Steffi Neuhuber

* 1985 in Gmunden, Austria
2010 Master in Communications (University of Vienna). 2012 Bachelor Music Education – Voice and Instruments (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna)
experimental music, performance, film.
recorder, saxophone, voice, microphones, found footage+objects; focus on experimental sound, noise, free improvisation (,,, composition and sound engineering volunteer (  part of the band Black Biuti, Plenum and the music collective Screaming Claws, the performance collective OutSight, cooperation with chicagoan musician TAL and check out some solo stuff at  s.safari.

performed in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Norway, Great Britain, United States.

Cooperations with:

Ana Lazarevska
Nita Cavolli


Franziska Faust

* 1987 in Bremen, Germany.
Since 2008 theatre-, film-, mediastudies at the University of Vienna.
Works since 2011 in the field of theatrical pedagogy and assitance at brut Wien, Schauspielhaus Wien and Theater Bremen.
Acting and directing workshops with Mikhail Chumachenko  (Stanislawski student) in Moscow and others.
2011 creation of R A U M.

Lena Marinova